PEACHEZ, INC. is a specialty marketing company that offers strategic concepts in the entertainment industry. The concept is unique in this millennium. We have built a reputation on the principles of integrity, honesty, and relationship-building. In simple terms, our expertise in promoting, advertising, production and communication have established a solid foundation for the future.

PEACHEZ, INC. is a full service owned and operated production and marketing company with a wide spectrum of expertise. With over 30 years of experience, our team has produced and maintained the highest grossing productions in the nation to include stageplays, concerts and major events.

PEACHEZ, INC. manages their clients with first class services. Our ability to market to clients effectively, providing production and marketing savvy, has enabled the company to have a stronghold on family entertainment. The value of our loyal patrons is priceless to us.

PEACHEZ, INC. capabilities can provide a maximum impact with stellar results and efficiency. It offers creative thinking that is essential for today’s niche audiences. For more than a decade, the investment of time, talents, dollars and manpower have contributed to the success of this company.

PEACHEZ, INC. can provide the following services:
Promoting Creative Designs
National/Local Advertising Marketing Design
Tour Management Production Management
Strategic Planning Special Events/Promotions
Public Relations Account Services/Research

PEACHEZ, INC. will continue the creative efforts of expanding and developing new incentives and endeavors in the industry by utilizing new technologies and strategic planning for an ever-changing entertainment industry.